These programs provide students with opportunities for self-expression through experiences in musical theatre, 合唱, 乐队, 和戏剧.
帕多瓦's 表演艺术 include elective classes (乐队 / Acting 和 Directing for the Stage / 合唱 / & 跳舞, 运动, 和 Culture) 和 in-school 和 after-school 活动, 产品, 和 clubs students can join.  
帕多瓦 also teams up with our neighbors, Ursuline Academy 和 Salesianum, for numerous performing arts opportunities throughout the year, including the 军乐队, 爵士乐队, Salesianum School Theater 和 our combined School Choirs.


  • 乐队

    乐队 is an elective exchange class with Salesianum held three times per week at Salesianum School during 1st period, 在…的指导下 Mr. 布莱恩。考克斯.  Salesianum offers string orchestra, 风合奏, 还有爵士乐队, as well as SUP Marching 乐队 as an activity (not class.)  Students enrolled in 乐队 can audition for the Delaware All-State 乐队.

    SUP 军乐队 consists of Salesianum, Ursuline, 和 帕多瓦 students (grades 9-12) who perform together at Salesianum football games 和 other school-sponsored events.  SUP 军乐队 members begin their season with a 9-day camp starting mid-August, including an overnight trip to Camp Arrowhead, 和 then practice 3 days a week after school during football season.
  • 扫帚街美女

    The 扫帚街美女 are a student initiated a capella group 在…的指导下 parent moderator 夫人. 安妮Smookler.  They perform at our Christmas tree trim, as well as other on campus performances.  This is a club that meets after school.
  • 合唱

    合唱 is an elective 在…的指导下 Mr. 乔提高声音 和 meets three times a week at 帕多瓦.  There are performances with the combined Salesianum/ Ursuline/ 帕多瓦 合唱 as well as performances on campus.  Students enrolled in choir can audition for the Delaware All-State Choir.
  • 军乐队

    This program provides 帕多瓦 students the opportunity to participate in the Salesianum 军乐队, 在…的指导下 Mr. 布莱恩。考克斯. Positions include colorguard 和 乐队 members. All skill levels are welcome. 帕多瓦, Salesianum, 和 Ursuline students perform together at Salesianum football games 和 other school sponsored events.  The marching 乐队 also participates in parades, competitions 和 special events throughout the school year.  More information can be found on the Salesianum 军乐队 page.
  • 音乐部门

    音乐部门 is a group of students singers 和 musicians, under the co-direction of Dr. 安德鲁Bozanic夫人. 安娜Alinda.  They perform at our prayer services 和 Masses, held in school 和 at St. Anthony's of 帕多瓦 Catholic Church.
  • 音乐剧

    帕多瓦's 音乐剧 puts on a production every February, under the co-direction of Dr. 安德鲁BozanicMs. 迪尔德丽McCarrick.  Our recent performances include:  Roald Dahl's Matilda The Musical, Disney's The Little Mermaid, 妈妈米娅! & 任何事情都可能发生.  帕多瓦 students also are able to audition for Salesianum School Theater 产品.

    This year's production of Matilda, 和 all those that preceded it, would not have been possible without the dedication 和 vision of Dr. Rebecca Kowalski '13 和 Megan Julian Zebley '13.  Their passion for musical theatre helped relaunch 帕多瓦's dormant theatre program 10 years ago.  With gratitude, we recognize their efforts 和 all the successes during these past 10 years.

    帕多瓦's 音乐剧 even continued during COVID-19 with our production of The Little Mermaid in 2022.  Months of hard work 和 rehearsals resulted in a show that people could attend in person 和 experience all our theatre students have to offer.

乐队,合唱团, & 音乐部门


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